How long?

My beloved,
It’s not about
whether you understand.
You can’t.
May you have strength
to choose love,
when an opportunity to
is revealed.
Chose to draw the line,
Take the stand.
But it won’t be
for the sake of your understanding.

How long will they endure?
With hard beds,
nothing but dried bread
words of violence
slung upon their heads.
What is this?
How can I be patient
when the flames are at their feet?

Sometimes, the peace isn’t yours to claim.
Victory won’t be upon your head,
nor will it raise the cup of joy.
This isn’t a conquering, but a long suppressed levelling.

How long will I bite my tongue
when ignorance has passed to his son?
This land has been drunk
and my hands now too idle to wait on.
How long?

When the heat of injustice boils deep enough and long enough,
When the time for hate is long overdue,
May courage find you.
You can’t lead what you haven’t known.
Remember, this one isn’t for you.
But, when the anger of love comes for its demand,
Do not withhold your stand.


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